Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No meer animal


WHAT'S small and furry but isn't a cat?

A meerkat. Yup, like Timon from the duo of Pumbaa and Timon. A collaboration between BBC Films and the BBC Natural History Unit, this movie is about a whole family of the little rodents that stand up on their hind legs and look quizzical.

The Meerkats, narrated by the late Paul Newman, is skilfully shot and, like any good animal movie, shamelessly anthropomorphic.

A documentary-cum-bedtime story, the film tells the sentimental tale of Kolo, a gung-ho meerkat pup who overcomes the obstacles of youth, inexperience and predators to take his place as a useful member of his meerkat family.

While not nearly as interesting or poetic as March of the Penguins, The Meerkats does feature some awe-inspiring scenes of the Kalahari and includes studies of other interesting animals within the meerkat's environment, like the eagle, the cobra and the lion. It's an engaging and educational experience — for the children, especially. 2.5/5 May Seah

From TODAY, Plus – Wednesday, 22-April-2009

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