Sunday, April 12, 2009

Abandonment of babies can be linked to promiscuity

I REFER to the report, “Sanctuary for little ones” (my paper, April 3).

I commend Sanctuary House, which is the only charity in Singapore that takes in unwanted babies and fosters them.

I would also like to thank my paper for highlighting its story.

However, abandoning a baby is not only a serious offence, but also a moral issue.

It has much to do with promiscuity. Nowadays, sex between two dating people or friends has been made to seem normal.

Young girls should be educated about the consequences of promiscuity and the measures they can take to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

They should also be taught what they can do after it has taken place and where they can get help.

Instead of leaving the state to pick up the tab, a welfare organisation like Sanctuary House has taken the initiative to care for young, innocent lives.

The unwanted babies they save have a chance to grow up to become useful citizens.

It should be acknowledged that, instead of waiting for the Government to act, society is doing something to protect children whose parents cannot care for them.

Perhaps more should be done to support such a charity, financially or otherwise.

Mr Sebastian Tan


From myPaper, My Say

Wednesday, 08-April-2009

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