Monday, May 18, 2009

During a row, but not during sex

Is this also indicative of the prevailing culture or predisposition in life? It seems that the ‘mobile phone’ is taking precedence over a lot of things... think so?



090515-MobilePhoneHabits SINGAPOREANS will take mobile phone calls almost anywhere, no matter how inappropriate or dicey the situation - such as when driving.

But at least, most stop short of agreeing it’s okay to propose over the phone, unlike their counterparts in China or India, revealed a Microsoft Windows Mobile poll.

Singaporean respondents would answer their phones in the middle of a wedding (35.2 per cent), a funeral (18.7 per cent), at places of worship (22 per cent), while driving (48.4 per cent), or even in the midst of a quarrel (16.5 per cent).

Most have taken calls during meals with others (93.4 per cent), while nearly two-thirds of some 100 respondents polled last month have yakked on the phone while in the loo.

Ms Chiam Ru Lin, 30, an auditor who carries her phone “wherever I go” because she feels “handicapped” without it, told Today: “Singaporeans are technology-driven, whether it’s for work or their personal lives.”

Still, there are some occasions when they would let their mobiles ring off the hook: The heat of passion being one of them (93 per cent). “Singaporeans have good bedside manners,” concluded the report’s authors.

And when it comes to marriage proposals, they would never use the phone to pop the “would you marry me” question. Almost nine in 10 feel it is unacceptable behaviour.

“The right guy would make the effort to make it special for me. It shouldn’t be like ordering take-out,” said Ms Zhou Shimei, 28, a corporate communications executive.

By contrast, some 50 per cent of those surveyed in China and India thought it was okay to propose on the phone.

Of course, there are those who would not pick up a call at a funeral or a film screening.

Ms Wee Mei Jin, 29, a corporate communications manager, said: “Some Singaporeans have no idea of what constitutes graciousness, and probably have no sense of respect for the environment they are in.”

Other findings

  • 47.3% have flirted with someone other than their spouses or partners on the phone
  • 45.1% have taken calls during business meetings
  • 12.1% have broken up with their partners using SMS/MMS/IM
  • 10% have shot a voyeuristic picture/video with their phones

From TODAY, News; Friday, 15-May-2009

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