Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don’t skirt the issue by shielding children


Letter from Joseph Wong

DUE to the Aware saga, the topic of homosexuality has gotten the public's attention.

Having read the views of self-declared "conservative" parents who expressed concern about the openness with which this topic is being discussed — especially in schools — I think these parents need to take a step back and reconsider the big picture.

First of all, stopping a child from attending a talk on homosexuality does not protect the child.

The fact remains that homosexuality exists, whether or not you prevent your children from learning about it through sanctioned talks and discussions.

In fact, you should be thankful that your children are learning about it from experienced professionals and not from misinformed sources.

Secondly, one must learn to consider the religious views on homosexuality and understand why the stand some people take can be so uncompromising.

Thirdly, education is key. Whether this lifestyle is regarded as a choice or a condition, homosexuality is something we cannot deny as a society.

The more we understand it, the better equipped we are to make the decision that conforms to our beliefs and principles without treating the topic as taboo.

From TODAY, Voices – Wednesday, 06-May-2009

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