Thursday, March 26, 2009

Give Parents A Choice

From TODAY, Voices
Wednesday, 25-March-2009

Letter from Tan Chong Seng

Discipline begins at home, and if one has brought up children well, one does not have to worry about one’s children being inflicted by corporal punishment.

If what the author says is true, why do criminals still go to jail for crimes they have committed? Will counselling still help at this juncture?

I believe the law serves as a reminder of the consequences which would apply to others who wish to commit the same crime. This helps to bring order to society.

It has worked well for Singapore thus far, and this is the direction in which we will continue.

The Government can consider giving parents the choice to send their kids to schools that give teachers authority to use the cane.

Alternatively, there should be schools that do not have corporal punishment.

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