Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Revo Uninstaller: A Great Freeware!


I've been seeing my Secunia PSI report for some time, and it was telling me that my Office PC Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX was unsecure (take note, unsecure, not insecure). And since there is a link to an update, I clicked that. Not once, not twice, but many, many times! Can you imagine that? Even though I know that there are five options, one of which is the blog/forum link, I never bothered to go there.


But today, after 3x of re-installing the update, and still ending up with the same 'unsecure' message, I decided to go to the forum.




That is where I found the key, the solution to the 'mysterious' no-change status of the ActiveX, despite numerous times of update and re-installation.


But that's not only the point. The good thing about forums is that you always get some by-products.


Which is why I write this blog now. I stumbled upon a new freeware, I haven't tried it, but the guys in the forum knew what they were doing, and as I've gone through the description of the product in their webpage, I'm putting it up for everybody who might want to grab it and use it. It is FREEWARE, and that makes a huge difference, when, after trying, you like the product and want to keep it, and use it for life, or until the better product comes. Mind you, it was described to be 'better' than the usual Windows Add/Remove utility, and anything that is 'better' than the incumbent may stay for long (if not swallowed up, choked dead, or squeesed dry).


So, here it is, Revo uninstaller!


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